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~ ~ Yoshimi Ishikawa Landemaine Profile ~ ~

============ Yoshimi Landemaine Profile  =================


Vice President, Maison Landemaine
President of Maison Landemaine Japon
Representative Director of SAS Formation France, French Vocational Training Officer

Born in Tokyo in 1966, living in Paris since 2002.
Chef Boulanger (creator, formatter)
Art Director (painter)
Yoshimi runs 20 boulangeries in Japan and France with her husband, patissier Rodolphe Landemaine.
Her motto is to bridge the gap between Japanese and French food culture.
She also works as an art director for the Maison Landemaine group, using her talent for drawing, which she has been doing since her thirties.

French, reading, writing, conversation (advanced)
Japanese / Native language



Career (Expérience Professionnelle)
1991-1994 Studied baking at Home Baking School
1995-2001 Founded “Green House”, a bakery and pastry school in Hiroshima
2002 Moved to France. Learned French baking techniques at the following three restaurants

– Boulangerie BONNEAU 75016 Paris
– Boulangerie MUNIER courbevoie
– Boulangerie Grenier à Pain



2004 Starts working as a coordinator specializing in bread (office name: Yoshimi Boulangère)


2006 Founding of Yoshimi Boulangère International in Japan, a company specializing in food coordination 

2006 Opens Maison Landemaine Clichy (first store) in Paris, France.


2008 Founded INSEE (Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques) in France.

Opened Maison Landemaine Martyrs (second store) in Paris, France.


2009 Maison Landemaine Voltaire opens its third store in Paris, France.


2010 Establishment of Levain D’antan Japon Co.
Opened Ecole Levain D’antan, a bakery and pastry school in Roppongi, Tokyo.


2011 All Maison Landemaine Paris stores are awarded the PUDLO Paris Guide Awarded Boulanger de l’année 2011


2011-2014 Opening of Maison Landemaine stores 4 to 8 in Paris, France


2015 Maison Landemaine Tokyo (1st store) opens in Azabudai, Tokyo.


2016-2017 Opening of Maison Landemaine 9-12 in Paris, France


2018 Maison Landemaine Lille (13th store) opens in Lille, France.
Maison Landemaine Tokyo (2nd store) opened in Akasaka, Tokyo.
Closing of the Ecole Levain D’antan bread and pastry school and renovation of the center kitchen.


2018-2019 Maison Landemaine 14-16 stores open in Paris, France.


2019 Involved in the development of plant-based proteins
Opened 100% vegan boulangerie and patisserie Land&Monkeys
in Paris, France


2020 Opening of Maison Landemaine 17 in Paris, France


2020 onwards, lots of media exposure in France

Masterclasses and live performances on YouTube, SNS, etc.


Europe’s First Travelogue (BS Asahi)

Japanese Wives of the World (TBS)


Sole Dame! (TV Tokyo)  

Before and after being taught [TBS] (Japanese only)  

NHK Hobby Doki! NHK Etele] [TV Tokyo  

World Business Satellite [TV Tokyo] (Japanese only)


Symbol mark

Expressing Japan with a single stroke

Yoshimi Ishikawa Design

Original Creation, Activity

2010 ® Dessert Hard   

      A hard meal bread made with fruit puree or other fruit or

      Hard meal bread made with fruit puree and other fruits and sugar.

2017 Vegan Brioche

     Vegan brioche is made with eggs, dairy products, and fats.

     Vegan brioche is made with only plant-based ingredients. Presented at a symposium in Paris.

     presented at a symposium in Paris.

2018 Natural yeast with rice flour

    JETRO “Rice flour ambassador” to promote Japanese rice flour  

    Succeeded in developing a natural yeast made from Japanese rice flour.

    Developed a gluten-free hard meal bread using Japanese rice flour.

    Development of gluten-free hard meal bread using Japanese rice flour.

    Master class at Cordon Bleu Paris.

Demonstrated at SIRAS, a food exhibition in Lyon for 4 days in 2019. 

Demonstrations in the French media in 2020.

Product development

Host live lessons on the internet

A rice flour ambassador for two terms for JETRO project