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Shared passion for cooking tour with RomeTour24

Hello everyone, I am Toko from ABC Cooking Travel.


I would like to introduce you our friend tour company RomeTour24 from Rome today.
RomeTour24 hold cooking tours like us in Italy which is known as a gastronomic country.
In their tour, they take you to a local market to shop first then cook and eat classic Italian food together.


RomeTour24’s cooking tour↓


The other day, Virgilio from RomeTour24 visited our office and we shared our passion for fun cooking tour.

We are both enthusiastic about creating unforgettable memories providing qualified cooking experience.
He made a web-page dedicated to Japanese history and culture, and introduces our tour on the page.
It is worthwhile reading with some interesting facts about Japan such as origin of the name of Japan and Tokyo.


You can read the page from here↓


RomeTour24 is one of amazing options to experience if you are planning to visit Italy.

They have different kinds of tours and also providing special Christmas Gift Card for 2018 this time of season so don’t miss the boat!


Thank you & Have a good day!


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