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Food Creation for Christmas Season

Hello everyone, I am Toko at ABC Cooking Travel.
Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is just around the corner.
The decoration lights look beautiful in Tokyo this year too:)
Today, I would like to share my food creation for Christmas.



In Japan, lots of kids in kindergarten and shool bring boxed lunch their moms prepare.
When I was little, it was my favorite moment of a day to open my lunch box at kindergarten.
Now many of my friends bave kids and I see lots of beautiful pictures of lunch boxes on Facebook and Instagram.
These days, very decorative kind of boxed lunch is getting popular, which is called “Kyara-ben (キャラ弁)”.



“Kyara” comes from “character” in English and “ben” is from Japanese word “bento” means boxed lunch.
“Kyara-ben” contains food decorated to look like cute characters from anime or movies.

Winner sausage is popular ingredient for kyara-ben because it’s easy to transform into different creatures.
The representative creation made of sausage is octopus.

This time, I made reindeers as Christmas version.
Aren’t they so cute?

I am thinking to make more of these for Christmas party at my friends home to bring smiles on their faces!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this Christmas season!




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