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Onsen Resort, a little treat for myself


Hello everyone, Narumi here~



You may have heard of Japanese Onsen, a hot spring, and I guess many of you associate “Ryokan” with Onsen.  However, Onsen is also adjoined with business hotels and some resort hotels.


In this article, I’d like to share my short trip to Yugawara Onsen Town (escape from busy days in Tokyo!). Yugawara, one of the most famous Onsen town, is located within 90 mins from central Tokyo.



I usually enjoy Onsen at “Super Sento (relaxation-spa)” spending all day. But last week, I visited members-only Onsen Spa Resort as a little treat for myself.


Look at this Japanese modern style room! It was so relaxing right after I went in…


Normally Onsen is a combo with Tatami (a type of mat using rice straw), but I personally like this modern room more 🙂


After chek-in, take a relaxation at nicely designged Onsen, where you can enjoy several kind of hot spring agents in different type of bathtubs. 



After totally get refreshed & relaxed, let’s move onto today’s highlight – Japanese Kaiseki course dinner!


Yes, Onsen is not only about hot springs at all. Onsen is also a place to eat local seafood & nice meals. 



All served in this in-hotel restaurant was amazingly delicious. Plating was arranged in some modern way, and I could see they took their tableware so seriously.  Every tableware was nicely selected, and is thought-our very well.


Here’s a Fugu (puffer fish) karaage. How nice to be able to eat this best-season seafood!



Wagyu shabu-shabu, comes at the end of course, was just awesome.



In the next morning, enjoy bathing at Onsen (No one was there! Entirely private!). Blow my hair, and let’s head to Japanese restaurant for breakfast!


One of the moment I feel happy that I was born in Japan, is the moment I eat this gorgeous break fast.



I had a seconds of rice bowl and fully satisfied for this break fast.



What an amazing!




Then, went to Onsen again & took a short nap, and head back to Tokyo.


I can tell, although it was only 2 days short trip, I really refreshed myself with great meals and Onsen. How smooth my skin is!


You should visit Onsen resort, if you’re seeking relaxing Japan. I highly recommend Yugawara as a convenient Onsen town for all travelers!









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