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A Day Trip to “Udon Prefecture”!



Hello from all of us at ABC Cooking Travel!! Narumi here~



Today I’d like to share about my day trip to Kagawa prefecture, located on the island of Shikoku, and is the smallest prefecture of Japan.

*source: JNTO



Kagawa is well known for its udon noodles, which are named after the prefecture’s old name Sanuki. There are over 600 sanuki udon restaurants in Kagawa, yet each offers its own unique version of the dish. This is why Kagawa attracts many tourist from all over Japan.


When I visited Kotohira-gu shrine, one of the most popular shrines in Japan, I picked up two udon restauranot before/ after a long trail of 1368 stairs!
It was much harder than I thought… but challenging!



First, I went to “Konpira Udon”. As this restaurant has an adjoining udon factory, they serve amazingly cheap & high-quality udon for the locals.



I ordered a normal kake-udon and 2 kinds of Tempura (horse mackerel and rotas root). It costed only 490 yen in total!!


I saw many locals came and went. Very happy to visit such a loca-beloved small restaurant:)



Another restaurant was located on the approach to Kotohira-gu shrine. It was a bit pricey, but what I ordered, ki-joyu udon (only with soy sauce), jakoten (fish sausage) and Oden (Japanese broth stew), costed around 600 yen. Still cheaper than Tokyo!


I truly fell in love with udon noodles while this day trip. Kagawa pref is not well-known yet for the tourists, but I highly recommend this place if you are foodie & noodle lover.


Thank you for reading & see you at my next upcoming article 🙂


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