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A story of our guests – Sarah & Tim

Hi everyone! I’m Narumi at ABC Cooking Travel!



Today I’d like to share the adventure story we heard from our guests, Sarah & Tim from USA, who joined our tour of Tsukiji Fish Market Walking & Sushi Making Class.


When we met at the meeting point, they told me it was their second day of their 20-month honeymoon trip. Listen, it’s not 20 days. TWENTY MONTHS HONEYMOON!


I was so happy that they picked up Japan as a first destination of such a long-journey, and also that they choose our tour on DAY 2. of their Tokyo stay!


I was so surprised how they are so brave & cool. Sarah, a travel writer, said she had traveled over 40 countries few years ago with Tim, which means this 20-month journey is their second time for AROUND THE WORLD!


Personally, they reminded me my backpack journey in 2014. What I’ve done was also travelling around the world by myself for 372 days, visiting 39 countries. I know it’s of course much shorter than their journey, but we enjoyed talking about our experiences in each journey.


Here, I’m sharing their travel blog. This website is well organized and frequently updated with their amazing photos and details of what they’ve done in many countries.






Thanks to them, I realized how super lucky I am to have an opportunity to meet so many people having lots of background. I’ll keep learning and try to acquire it with my best.


Thank you!




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