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Japanese set meal “Teishoku” Vol.1

Konnichiwa. I am Tomo at ABC Cooking Travel.


I will introduce Japanese set meal “Teishoku”.
Main dishes with rice, miso soup, pickles, and side dish as one set.
It is a great deals Japanese set meal for lunch and dinner.
There are many kinds of main dishes, such as meat, fish, vegetables and so on, and
it is hard to decide everytime.



Today, I introduce one of the most popular Teishoku, “Tonkatsu Teishoku”.
Tonkatsu is deep fried pork cutlet, and it has become popular overseas.
Crispy and juicy pork cutlet is so delicious!

I always go to “WAKO” that is the most famous Tonkatsu restaurant in Japan.
“WAKO” has 270 restaurants in Japan, and there are 85 stores in Tokyo.
The feature of WAKO is all you can eat cabbage, rice, miso soup.
You will be a full stomach!

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