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Japanese confectionery, Mochi

Hello everyone, I’m Narumi at ABC Cooking Travel.


Today I’d like to write about Japanese traditional confectionery, Mochi (the shape of a small, round rice cake). 


Unlike “mochi ice cream”, one of the popular ice cream mostly in the US, Japanese people do not freeze mochi. Japanese mochi is normally soft and chewy with normal temperature, and we enjoy the taste by changing fillings from such as anko (red bean paste), whip cream, chocolate cream and so on.



The sticky dense mounds of rice are made from mochigome, a sweeter stickier type of rice, different from the steamed rice eaten every day.


In addition, a strawberry season in Japan has just come. If you are foodie and a sweets lover, you should come and try Ichigo Daifuku (strawberry mochi) while this season.


You’ll surely like this combo of Strawberry and soft mochi!



Thank you & Have a good day 🙂


Narumi at ABC Cooking Travel