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Soumen, Japanese seasonal noodle

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In this series of articles, we’d like to focus on Japanese traditional & seasonal dishes. Today’s topic will be traditional noodle called “Somen” eaten in summer in Japan.



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– What’s Soumen?



Soumen is thin noodles. Eat cold soumen by dipping it into the soup and using various toppings. Sometimes it is served with an ice cube.


Somen is a very popular Japanese summer dish and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways! Somen are very thin Japanese noodles and are usually served cold. As the temperature rises, you probably want to eat refreshing foods. You can eat cold somen noodles with a cold dipping sauce, as a salad, or even as a fun outdoor activity.




-What’s Nagashi Soumen (aka. flowing soume)?



Nagashi Soumen is a Japanese summer food tradition in which fine white noodles, somen, are served flowing in a small flume, usually a split bamboo, and people catch the flowing noodles by using chopsticks to eat them.


It requires some chopstick skills and is a fun activity to try with family and friends!



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