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Toshikoshi soba, Japanese seasonal dish

Hello Everyone!



In this series of articles, we’d like to focus on Japanese traditional & seasonal dishes. Today’s topic will be an “Toshikoshi soba” eaten on New Year’s Eve.



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Soon after Christmas, Japanese people start preparing for the year-end and New Year’s events, and New Year’s Eve is called “Oomisoka” in Japanese. 



On Oomisoka day, Japanese eat soba noodles called “toshikoshi soba” (year-crossing soba) to wish for a long lasting life.


Traditionally, Japanese people eat toshi-koshi-soba on the last day of the year.




The most commonly held explanation for the origin of Toshikoshi-soba is the wish for a ‘slim but long and healthy life,’ like buckwheat noodles!




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