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Osechi Ryori, Japanese Seasonal Dish

Hello Everyone & Happy new year!



In this series of articles, we’d like to focus on Japanese traditional & seasonal dish. For the first choice will be our traditional New Year Dish, called “Osechi-Ryori”.



Osechi-ryori are traditional Japanese dishes specially served on the New Year holidays.



It’s an assortment of small dishes. Each dish has meaning, and is part of celebrating the New Year and helps usher in good health and prosperity for the family for the year.



‘Osechi’ is a variety of food with auspicious meanings served in three-tier bento boxes, such as sweet rolled omelette, candied chestnuts and sweet potato, daikon and carrot salad and fish cakes, etc.



Historically, shops and services were all closed over the NY period and so people had to store special foods to see them over this time…Lots of sugars with Mochi in soup, with rich dishes! Each dish has a meaning and specific shape steeped in superstitions and serving “luck bringing” food!



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Japan has many seasonal foods and traditional Japanese sweets. As Japan’s leading culinary school in Tokyo, we are open for anyone who’s interested in Japanese Dishes. Please check our menu and class schedule below, and please feel free to contact us for your inquiry!




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