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Kids & Family, super welcome!!

Hello everyone, Naomi here~.



In this month, we’ve accommodated many family including many kids.




They are from all over the world, such as Brazil (on the exact other side of the planet from Japan!), USA, Australia, Mexico and Hong Kong, etc.





At walking tour of Tsukiji outer market, we spend approx. 80 mins to explore various seafood, vegetable and many street food.




You can enjoy eating whatever you find, or whatever the tour guide recommends to you!

↑He tries sea urchin!!




Also, when time allows us, we also stop by Namiyoke shrine.



Not only to visit a nice shirne, you can also learn hot to purify yourself following in Japanese manner.




It’s very enjoyable moment when kids are excited to learn how to purify yourself follwing in Japanese mannar, and their parents are also excited to take pictures of them 🙂




You can also experience Japanese fortune teller, Omikuji in 200 yen.



This boy got “Very Lucky”!!





Then, heading to ABC Cooking Studio to join the cooking class.



Let’s make Sushi!!!




Our class is very basic & easy to make, compare to the normal menu for ABC membership students. We’re pretty sure all kids would love this cooking activities!




Our cooking teachers & friendly tour guides are looking forward to seeing you. Thank you!