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Summer in Japan – Kakigōri


Hello from Narumi at ABC Cooking Travel!!



Summer is vibrant season in Japan, with various of festivals, as well as specific activities and refreshing dishes that can be enjoyed only during the period from the end of May until the beginning of September.


In this series, I’d like to share the “things”, what summer’s all about!


“Kakigōri (かき氷)”, Shaved Ice.



Kakigōri is shaved or crushed ice eaten with a flavored syrup or/and condensed milk. Cheap, refreshing and easy to make, it’s the perfect thing to help you get through the sweltering summer!



Nowadays, in addition to the traditional Kakigōri (e.g. with typical flavors are strawberry, lemon and melon), many more “modern” Kakigōris are increasing their popularity. Matcha (green tea) toppings, mango topping, these are one example among many.
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Here, I’ll introduce you to one of the most famous kakigōri shop: Himitsudo, located in Yanaka shopping street.


This shop’s trademark is the natural ice they use for their kakigōri and its handmade topping. In this shop, they use the retro manual ice crusher and natural ice from Nikko area.

The one I ordered was covered by yogurt and strawberry syrup…. It looks so cute!



The one my friend ordered was strawberry syrup and condensed milk. Looks so juicy!!



Can you see this size?? Almost same size as my face!! But it’s fluffy enough eat up in no time!


“HIMITSUDO” may change your concept of shaved ice.  I recommend that you visit there by all means!



*Be careful*

Especially on weekends and in summer, you may wait for hours. But it’s worth enough 🙂 




Have a great day!







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