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Introducing Our Cameraman, Kyle

Hey Everyone! 

My name is Kyle. I am originally from New York City, but I have lived in Beijing and Seoul for over 10 years. I recently moved to Tokyo earlier this year and I am so excited to be joining the tours to give each group a collection of memories to take home with them! 

A little bit about myself, I am also a full time photographer, shooting fashion, portraits and editorials. I love food and having grown up in an Italian family, I love cooking just as much as I do eating it. I especially like to make seafood dishes, so if you are scouring the Tsukiji Fish Market looking for some fresh ingredients just let me know! 

I hope I can make each and every experience a unique and memorable one for those who choose to  join us at ABC Cooking Travel! Please make a booking with us soon and easily make one of your greatest memories of your stay in Tokyo! 

Thank you!!