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Hello from the cooking instructors! ~vol.4~

In this article, we will give you a brief introduction about our cooking instructors.  They are teaching you Japanese cooking in English at the tour while they open daily classes at ABC Cooking Studio.  Each of them has a different specialty for cooking with a passion, so please come and see us! 🙂 




Ms. Yuki from ABC Cooking Ginza Five Studio.

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“Hi, my name is Yuki.
What is your plan in Japan? Shopping? Eating?
If you are interested in Japanese cooking, why don’t you try to make them with us at ABC cooking studio GINZA.
I’m sure it will be a very exciting and remarkable experience.
Looking forward to see you guys??”



Ms. Yuki teaches on Monday& Tuesday at Tsukiji Cooking Tour.  Check the availability and join us from here!

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