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Tour Report ~Gourmet Walking + Cooking Class~

On Oct. 26th, we had a trial cooking tour collaborated with Nihonbashi Information Center which run the gourmet walking guided tour at COREDO building.


COREDO Muromachi is where is full of “food” from all over Japan and “things” strictly Made in Japan, so the guests were enjoying many sample taste with the tour guide wearing a beautiful Kimono.


After 1-hour walk, we moved on to ABC Cooking Nihonbashi Studio where the guests cook Japanese meals for their lunch.



The menu was Rolled sushi, Tamago-yaki(Egg Omelet) and Clear Soup served with Green tea sweets.


The guests had so much fun to learn many techniques to make Dashi (soup stock) and to decorate the plate in Japanese way during the class!


Happy Smiles~~!


This collaborated tour is not the regular one yet, but we’ll continue to run this tour so that the tourist can enjoy Japanese culture with many cooking experiences.  Don’t miss out the continued updates!




Oct. 27th