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Japanese winter vegetable “hakusai”

Hi everyone! I am Toko at ABC Cooking Travel.

Tokyo is getting cold after all crazy typhoons are gone. As winter is approaching, I am going to introduce you to Japanese representative winter vegetables “hakusai” (Chinese cabbage or Nappa cabbage in English) today.

Hakusai is nutritious vegetable with Vitamin C and perfect for living through Japan’s harsh winter season. It is said that hakusai becomes tasty and tasty each time it gets frosted.

It is pale green and its shape is like an oval ball.


I live in Ibaraki prefecture, which is one and half hours away by train from Tokyo and famous as agricultural area. I thought it will be fun harvesting vegetables at my home garden and started to grow hakusai this year at my back yard!

My hakusai is still growing so it does not look quite like it yet.



In winter, Japanese people often eat “nabe” (hot-pot in English) using hakusai and many other vegetables.  Its subtle taste and hotness warms up our bodies frozen to the bone.

One of the things I am looking forward to do in 2018 is to harvest my hakusai and eat nabe with my family!

If you have a chance to visit Japan in winter season, it will be very fun to eat nabe together with your friends and family.


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